The cosplay phenomenon has now established itself in society and is gaining ground. Thanks to these cosplayers, we watch video games, TV series, anime and manga famous and do not come into the real world flesh and blood. As the most famous manga and anime of all time, there are inevitably many Cosplay about Dragon Ball and its characters.

We brought this to you a few months ago excellent performance of the Enji Night, Cosplayer who went viral on Instagram several times. Some time ago he decided to propose his cosplay of C18 wearing a white shirt and black jacket, which was considered perfect by fans. A few days later she replied with C18's second dress, the one with a black shirt and denim jacket. Once again it was very successful.

Months later, Enji Night decided again to return to the world of Dragon Ball Z with one practically perfect C18 cosplayas you can see in the photos below. This time, Enji Night picks up the denim jacket, skirt and black shirt with striped sleeves and rushes to an outdoor setting to put himself in different poses and once again show off his perfect blonde android. In a few days, the photos exceeded 60,000 likes and showed how much the cosplayer's work is valued.

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