After an initial defeat, the Kingdom of Klee and its allies of the Dark Triad have declared war. Zenon, Vanica and Dante seem ready for the second round against the magical knights of the enemy kingdom as they begin their perverted ritual.

While Yami and Vengeance are used to initiate the dark ritual that Qliphoth will bring to earth, the protagonists of the black clover continue their battle in the castle to block the Dark Triad and prevent the demons from coming. The first clash was that between Yuno and Zenon, the continues in Black Clover 276.

The first spoilers confirm that the fight will continue with Zenon who will unfold his demonic power, but after a few pages the scene shifts completely and switches to Vanica instead. The woman of the Dark Triad competes against Lil and Charlotte which however easily get rid of the two parts used by the enemy.

While Charlotte and Lil use their powers, Vanica shows interest from the top of her floating throne and decides to enter the battle, unleash her power and remove the blindfold on her right eye, revealing a completely black pupil. Now there The fight against the Dark Triad is entering a new phase for the two captains.

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