There The story of The Attack of the Giants has ended11 years of production that closed the lives of the protagonists from Eren to Mikasa and Armin as well as all secondary and secondary characters. However, there are some who had an unsatisfactory ending.

Chapter 139 of The Attack of the Giants, which is much more than the classic 45 pages that Hajime Isayama usually prepares, failed to close the lives of some characters well. Here it is four characters from The Attack of the Giants who deserved more insight in the last chapter.

Let's start with a minor character, but it was of fundamental importance for long stretches on the chessboard between Jaegerists and supporters of Zeke. Yelena was heavily paused in the final phase without appearing in a cartoon in the last chapter. While he is not among the most popular characters among fans, it would have been appropriate to see a reference to his life after the failure of the plan.

A Another character who seems to have had a hasty ending is Historia Reiss: The Queen appeared to be involved in much larger situations, but the reality is that she turned out to be a character for a Plan B only. Her role was practically completed despite looking back with Eren on the occasion of the time leap. Although we saw her in the final, her appearance was far too short.

Reiner is one of the main characters in The Attack of the Giants. He was a protagonist for long distances, especially during the Marley phase, and because of this, a little more space was expected for him in the finals. Reiner appears to have completely changed on the last few pages of The Attack of the Giants 139, reverting to the character he was before the official betrayal. This transition deserved a lot more pages.

Finally, that The fourth character is Ymir, also closely related to the luminous creature. The founder was one of the most mysterious characters in the manga for a long time and her almost sudden disappearance after that enigmatic smile at the end of the penultimate chapter didn't really do her justice. For this it would be important to allow a little more space on the additional pages of The Attack of the Giants, Volume 34.

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