Written and illustrated by on the official page of the manga Kengo Matsumoto, Imamade Ichido mo Onnaatsukai sareta Koto ga Nai Onna Kishi wo Onnaatsukai suru Manga ((How to properly treat a knight) the cover of the seventh compilation volume was published. This will be the last volume of this work and will be published in Japan on May 7th.

On the other hand, Matsumoto started to publish the manga through the digital service Suiyoubi no Sirius from the publisher Kodansha The publisher released the fifth compiled volume in April 2020, followed by the sixth in November 2020 in Japan.

Matsumoto is also the author of the manga Totsuidekita Yome ga Aisouwarai Bakari shiteru, which has been released in Japan since November 2020, after being published as a webcomic on social networks since December 2019.

How to Handle a Lady Knight Right Synopsis

Leo Cornelia, also known as the "Invincible Holy Sword", is hailed as the strongest knight in the country. It is precisely this force that has prevented anyone from treating her as a real woman beforehand ... until the magician Houli Dent arrives! He confesses his love for Leo out of nowhere, but how is she going to deal with being treated like a woman for the first time in her life?

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