After the events of The Attack of the Giants 134 with the reunification of the main characters, the story moved even faster to the finale. Hajime Isayama has now delivered chapter 135 of the manga, which will be officially published in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine by Kodansha on December 9, 2020.

But as always it is first spoilers of The Attack of the Giants 135, initially only in text format. Let's see together what leaks the amborednd tired user has uncovered so far.

The Chapter 135 of The Attack of the Giants is titled "Struggle Between Heaven and Earth".and goes with Ymir Fritz, who brings back all those who hold the power of the giants, to defend Eren. Pieck is hit by Willy Taibar's sister, Armin is pulled out of the fight by an unknown giant with a long tongue, but in the meantime the blonde catches a glimpse of Ymir Fritz's body and thinks that the girl cannot be stopped. At the same time he hears Bertholt's screams and soon the colossal giant appears. The latter grabs Reiner and devours him.

Among the giants that appear Then you meet Bertholt, Willy Taibar's sister, the Ymir who was part of the Exploratory Legion's body, Galliard and Marceltogether with others who do not recognize each other. When Bertholt wants to eat his friend, Reiner's human body is rescued by Jean, but the body of the armored giant is still swallowed by the colossus. From afar, Reiner's mother believes her son is dead. In the meantime they are all wounded and exhausted from the battle, but Annie, Gabi and Falco arrive, who manage to save the others apart from Armin and Pieck. The end is right with them trying to save the day by leaving this second round for the attack of the giants 136.

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