The anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations is about to move away from the filler episodes and return to follow the narrative introduced in the paper counterpart that is now entirely in the hands of the original world author of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto. After a narrative arc based on the presentation of the Kara organization, we will reach the arc of Ao.

So much for the series of Filler episodes that led to important consequencesLike the plausible return of Orochimaru in action, the presentation of completely new characters but belonging to Kara, like Deepa, and also the special training of Boruto and Sarada, fans have been waiting for a long time the return of the character of Ao.

As you can see in the post posted at the bottom of the news, the user @AbdulZoldyck shared that The preview of episode 178 appeared on the Weekly Shonen Jump pages. It seems that a special commemoration is being held in Konoha to commemorate the terrible events related to the Fourth Ninja World War, and on the occasion, the fifth mizukage is being held in the Leaf Village, the mighty Kunoichi Mei Terumi.

Mei played an important role during the conflict and helped the other Kage. Despite having many trustworthy people by his side, Ao remains in a privileged position and is a true friend and advisor to Mizukage. The advances revealed nothing about it the return of AoBut as the readers of the manga know, it will play a crucial role and it will arrive very soon.

Recall that the Kara organization threatens Konoha from within, and we'll leave you to a disturbing and faithful cosplay of Orochimaru.

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