Spider-Man is a very well-known character around the world. His publishing history is long, with sixty years on his shoulders, and he wanders left and right through Manhattan in search of villains to trap in his webs. So his world is based on the real one, but how about if he entered this one instead Naruto?

There's no way to tell what it would be like Peter Parker in Naruto, he would likely have sided with the good guys and become a respectable ninja, perhaps with a ninja art linked to the powers of a Kidomaru-style spider. However, Aaron Sommers, a fan of local rock climbing, had a different idea.

He combined the world of Naruto with that of Spider-Man and thought of creating one Spidey Cosplay but in the Akatsuki. No red and blue dress with cobwebs printed on it, now there is only a black tunic with the large Akatsuki crest, a red cloud, in the center of the chest. Then there is the ring that distinguishes the members and a headpiece worn around the neck to remind us which village it belonged to, in this case Konoha.

Aaron Summers is no stranger to this genre of creations, having had a Spider-Man cosplay in mind as All Might. And back to Spider-Man, here's what Miles Morales would look like if he were drawn in manga style.

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