The Giants 133 attack centered on Eren, Mikasa and Armin, many of the protagonists of these last bars of the story. But details have also become known about a power that seemed to have been forgotten by everyone.

Falco Grice is the new owner of the giant jaw that he first used in Attack of the Giants 129. Compared to the manifestations of Ymir and Galliard, this power has taken a completely different shape. A more pronounced and special jaw remains, but that The rest of Falco's huge body looked visibly different and with a much more animal shape, similar to that of a large bird.

There The truth was revealed in Attack of the Giants 133. On the ship in the direction of Hizuru, Annie is stopped by Falco and Gabi. The boy has dreams and the cause of all of these is Zeke's spinal fluid. After Hawk has swallowed some of this liquid, he now has some of the powers of the giant animal and for this reason his jaw has acquired more animal properties.

But that's not all, because, as he reveals to Annie, the giant animal once did not have a monkey-like shape, but rather a shape like that of a bird. So he could fly to the sky and for that Falco believes he can grow his giant wings. Now all he has to do is convince Annie to try this, or let her part of her body devour, to give the giantess a chance to harness that power.

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