Over time the Monopoly has come a long way in terms of graphics while keeping many of its rules and functions unchanged. The classic version is inevitably one of the best-selling, but there have been several modified versions or limited editions over time inspired by a specific event, city, or brand.

The special brand in this case is Dragon Ball Super. The fans are desperately waiting for information about a possible Dragon Ball Super 2 or the next season of the anime, in which Goku and his companions have to face new deadly and arduous challenges. But the new product from Monopoli doesn’t let you wait and see for the new anime Bring the Dragon Ball challenges to your home.

In the US it is Monopoly Dragon Ball Super - Universe Survival Editionthat completely transforms the game board, coins, cards and characters to be used as pawns. The product is available on Amazon for $ 50. The blackboard replaces the cities and streets with characters, with Goku and Jiren being the most sought-after pieces. The pieces turn into coins that represent the symbols of the different universes. The coins instead keep the classic style, but introduce the two little Zen'o.

Are you ready to face this tough challenge on your home table? ONE PIECE also enjoyed its own personalized monopoly.

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