There doesn't seem to be many options for the protagonists of Attack of the Giants. With recent events, more or less two camps have been formed that have determined different fates for the peoples of the world.

At the moment Eren Jaeger prevailed. Half-brother Zeke defeatedThe protagonist of The Attack of the Giants used the march of the giants to destroy the world. He longed for the destruction of the Eldian race through some kind of forced euthanasia. Everyone outside of Paradis Island will die but there are those who try to stop Eren.

Armin in particular is convinced that his friend cannot take such a genocide into his own hands and that beyond the destruction there is the possibility of receiving a third answer. Neither the death of Eldians nor of Marleyans, but Armin is still looking for this route. However, the dialogue has not worked so far as some past interventions have also been shown that have resulted in Eren being removed from the path of peace.

The current owner of the Colossal Giant told Annie that the world he and Eren were looking for may still be out there All you have to do is seek and explore to find a better way to resolve the situation.

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