Dragon Ball Z It is a historical anime and it is no accident that it is continuously passed on in all parts of the world. Akira Toriyama managed to create legendary characters whose fame continues to this day. With the advent of comic fairs in the western world, cosplay emerged, and obviously many are devoted to the Dragon Ball.

Some of these are dedicated to # 18, the beautiful blonde android who was used first as an enemy and then an ally in the third phase of Dragon Ball Z. During the series, we saw them wearing slightly different outfits from one another and there is whoever decided to replicate it in as many ways as possible. There Enji Night cosplayer had decided to create a Cosplay # 18 a few months ago when the android was wearing a white shirt and black vest.

This time, however, the same cosplayer decided to use a different set of clothes for Android 18 to present us with the disguise shown below. This The new C-18 Cosplay this time has the classic denim jacket and skirt, with a tight black shirt and white sleeves with black stripes. The eye-catching Red Ribbon logo is on the back. Which C-18 do you prefer? The one with the white or the black shirt?

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You asked, I deliver! 😁 This is how my new Android 18 cosplay turned out! I hope you like it πŸ₯°πŸ™Œ Aaaa, and I'll ask the question again after seeing both Android versions of me, which is your favorite version? πŸ˜‰ When convention season is back, I think this will be my new favorite cosplay that I will take with me everywhere! Hohoho But until then, I'll most likely create a few more characters that could become my new favorites. For example, I'm currently working on Elastigirl and it seems pretty comfortable too. β€œCosplay from me Photo and editing from me Me from mom and dad and # android18cosplay #dragonballcosplay #dragonball # android18

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