This review on Fugō Keiji Balance: Unlimited Chapter four contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

Fugō Keiji Balance: Unlimited

Fugo Keiji Balance: Unlimited
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Chapter 5: If You Don't Make Money With Your Servant, Gold Will Be Your Master.

Speechless. It has started to develop the core story of this series, took a 180 ° turn. The President of the Poliador Republic's visit to do an important deal with the Kambe family is the pretext for an attack that includes Daisuke's company. Our young millionaire is trapped in a panic room from which all his money cannot save him. It was obvious that we couldn't lose Daisuke in a fatal attack; Haru is the hero of this mystery, or maybe not, he added another dead man to his consciousness.

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Chapter 6: What Comes Easy, Goes Easy.

Daisuke follows his instincts, he's ready to get right to the point. However, the means by which he tries to resolve this case contradict what Haru defined as best. This conflict separates the entire department and in particular Daisuke and Haru. The intrigue grows, but most of all the positions of each character and the ideas that are inhabited in each one. I find it hard to believe that Daisuke dared to have the death of a woman on his conscience, even if it wasn't innocent.

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in the Fugō Keiji Balance: Unlimited The conflict between good and bad is clear when I try to talk about justice. However, I cannot ignore the topic of our previous review: the overvaluation of life. Death is not only the obligatory end of an organism, but also the meaning of life. So far there has been no connection between justice, good, evil, life and death, no clear one. It has now been trusted that justice is a primary value in the police career, and that good is the axis of that value that we have not been able to incorporate throughout the history of the church.

Justice is a value that depends on communities. Just thinking about how the desire for the common good is to be regulated is vanity. The methods Daisuke uses to reveal the secrets of the attack are not in the zeal of justice but of truth. We usually hear that the ends justify the means; Any believer in the ideas would deny this premise. However, if we change justice for truth, which is universal and independent of human historicity, we agree with this sentence. Unraveling the truth is beyond good and evil, but it is not for that reason that its meaning is nobler.

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The end of the human path is death, that is a truth. It sounds deadly and disheartening, but that's just one way of seeing humans, as I said, as a being for death. To think about life about dying means to break away from morality, not being immoral, but being amoral. This distance to the country, to the family, to the laws and to the community has made people free to act and take responsibility for themselves, and at the same time committed them to themselves. The commitments made with the truth do not speak for morality, and consequently also not for the values ​​with which it is clothed. Ethics arises from individual foundations that proceed from death.

Fugo Keiji Balance's Final Conclusions: Unlimited

Power has overcome money and Daisuke understood that dying beats both. The search for the truth, not with a capital letter V but for the particular and important ones, determines the path that we will follow, always based on the fact that we will all inevitably die. Haru Defender of Lost Values ​​understands very little that the difference between right and wrong and better or worse, while both are subjective, the first pair of good and bad is born. The turn the series has taken seems to be a mystery to us. It was certainly a huge success that I longed for the anime to be finished.

Now, more than ever, I will lose track of this anime. I don't want to wait for the end, we are stopped right in the middle and after these last two chapters I just expect a spectacular ending. The success of the series seems undeniable to me, but everything can change. Fugō Keiji Balance: Unlimited It kept me on the edge of the seat and met all of my expectations. Sequel follows ...


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