This review on Fugō Keiji Balance: Unlimited Chapters ten and eleven contain spoilers. If you haven't seen these episodes yet, I recommend you watch them and then go back to read the review.

Fugō Keiji Balance: Unlimited

Chapter 10: Life is not like printing loads of money

In this chapter it was impossible to see Haru and Daisuke immobile in the face of Chosuke and Taike's death. Everyone went a different way. but they converge to the same place. Although the means and ways that everyone normally acts may seem to produce different results, this chapter shows us that they do not. It is now more than clear to Daisuke that his father murdered his mother and that he committed the most recent crimes in the Kambe mansion. The question that remains to be clarified is why such crimes are committed and his death faked. There are still many unanswered questions, including Grandma Kambe. Ultimately, Daisuke cannot trust anyone, his consolation with his past. Will Daisuke get out of this fight alive?

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Chapter 11: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Fugō Keiji Balance: Unlimited gave us something to tell for these reviews. It may be my inexperience, but I believed Daisuke's father was alive and that he was the perpetrator of every one of the crimes in which the Kambe family is involved. This unexpected turn of events was a neat hit, however; Grandma Kambe is the mastermind of every crime in complicity with her butler. There is no way to counter Grandmother Kikuko when she is trying to protect the adollium of immature humanity. However, truth and justice take precedence over personal and even family interests, which any of us could have.

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The way to the truth

This chapter seems to clarify the truth about Shigemaru's suicide, but it does not show us the importance of Adollium in the commission of a ruthless array of crimes. We know it's some kind of deadly weapon. However, buying, distributing and manufacturing weapons is not a crime as long as it is not misused. Well, the lethality of this substance has caused this confusion, but the craving for power will not be good. Ultimately, one of the desires of every human being is to gain power and maintain that possession. There is no doubt that the head of the Kambe family knows this and will do anything to keep it.

Unlimited power, wealth and the adollium rests in the hands of the Kambe family. Here is a loose ending; The argument about Shigemaru's false suicide makes a lot of sense to me; Is he the only one who keeps secrets? We couldn't have expected less from Kikuko, after all a mother is unconditional, but all the path that Daisuke has taken and what we have discovered so far leaves us only more unknowns. It's not just about catching Shigemaru, it's about dismantling the entire range of lies and injustices behind the Kambe family. This chapter is insightful, and yes, it answers a single riddle, but only to lead us to the ultimate truth of the kambe.

The truth about everything

The difference between Haru and Daisuke was always clear to us. Haru's desire for justice and his high values ​​and ideals were convictions other than Daisuke's Seat of Truth. Justice, the means and institutions to achieve this, are matters that conform only to norms and laws aimed at maintaining order and healthy coexistence among men. This kind of justice is merely conventional and the rulers decide how, when, where, for what and why the laws are applied. The frustration of today's societies corresponds to a demand in which everyone participates equally and fairly in the judiciary and its administration. Here power is not necessarily understood in terms of acquisition, but rather for all those groups capable of subjugating others and being vulnerable to them.

Unfortunately, the struggle for the demand for justice continues to be conceived in terms of vulnerability and individuality, which strengthens it rather than eliminates inequality. It is not only proven, but justified at the same time. The difference between the protagonists is also a difference between what justice is and what it means. The search for the truth should be the standard in all respects.

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In the realm of justice, seeking the truth from vengeance or equality allows the soul to rest, even if we have been direct victims or not. Despite his mother's death and his father's suicide, unlike when he was young, Daisuke can remain calm because he always wanted to know the truth and leave the punishment to the guilty.

If Daisuke confirms his grandmother: What is righteousness is not yours or meThis means that the character of this value does not correspond to the individualities, no matter how noble or logical they may be. The justification for Kikuko continuing to make the adollium was to wait for humanity to mature. To make available to people a substance with so many benefits, but with the greatest curse, to wage war only when they were ready to use it. While this argument is logical, it is not enough to justify the fact that more serious crimes have been committed. Justice, like any other value, does not depend on any other value, but on truth.

Fugō Keiji Balance: Unlimited
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Fugō Keiji Balance's Final Conclusions: Unlimited

This chapter was one of the best in the entire anime. Not only did we learn the truth behind the Kambe family, but also about Daisuke. The reasons that drive us to action can be of two kinds; either special or universal. Universality, not in the idealistic sense. The peculiarity is not a selfish sense. In Haru's case, his actions correspond only to the particular. We might think that he is acting under a universal value and that for this reason he is the one acting under universality. However, justice is nothing more than a value that only depends on other individualities. Daisuke is the one who rules his way under the universal, namely the search for truth. The truth, although it relates to specific cases and not in itself, cannot be changed by any of us.

We are one step away from the last stretch. I know there will be more surprises in store for this final chapter, and I know there will be the finishing touches. So far, Fugō Keiji Balance: Unlimited has become my favorite anime. The issues it addresses and the nuances it shows us can help us rethink justice. If you haven't dared to take a look, you still have time. You can't miss this great anime.


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