In the next arc of Dragon Ball SuperThe saga of Granolla, the survivor, an army of powerful antagonists based on the character of Android 73 and even able to compete with the Ultra Instinct, will threaten the protagonists.

Android 73 was introduced during the saga that had just ended and was one of Molo's most powerful henchmen. Able to Copy the powers of a fighter Whoever he came into physical contact with had acquired Molo's magical abilities and Goku's Ultra Instinct in 73. But as revealed in the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super, this powerful adversary was just one unit of an entire line of production of evil androids ready to threaten the universe.

Chapter 67 of the manga, entitled "Happy Endings ... And Then," closes the events of the Molo Arc and shows Goku and his friends Celebrate the victory. However, a disturbing scene occurs during the festivities.

Galactic agents Jaco and Calamis conduct one final battle recon to complete the investigation of Molo. After interviewing the molo gang inmates who had escaped, the two of them Find the remains of Android 73. The galactic cops think they destroyed him, but they are very wrong.

As confirmed by the lieutenants of the Galactic Brigade of Molo Bandits, the android was only one of the many 73 created by a crime boss named Master Goichi. This mysterious bandit seems to be studying the skills of all the most powerful fighters in the universe to download information about his 73 android army. However, an enigmatic being, Granolla, is ready to face them. The fate of Merus was clarified by Dragon Ball Super 67. According to Toyotaro, the Granolla saga of Dragon Ball Super will amaze us.

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