After several chapters of absence, the would-be heroes of Class 1-A have returned. Abandoned by their friend Midoriya who tries every possible way to save them from the villains, Bakugo, Ochaco, Iida, Shoto and the others have finally managed to track him down. Here is their meeting in My Hero Academia 320.

The Paranormal Liberation Front is only aimed at One For All and would do anything to get it. With this certainty, Deku turned his life around, abandon his classmates and even their own mentor All Might. This burden on his shoulders, however, made him a shadow of himself, a dark being.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 320, however, the class 1-A boys finally manage to meet their boyfriend. When they try to persuade him to return to the Yuei, Midoriya pushes her away, claiming that she is fine and doesn't need any help. To bring him back to his senses, Bakugo leads his companions on an unexpected journey fight all against one.

One after the other the students from 1-A they start to attack, Izuku tries to convince first with violence and then with words. The first to strike is Koji, who, while a flock of birds is attacking, suggests his friend return to the Yuei, the headmaster is ready to welcome him.

Later, it's Sero who takes the ball and remembers how he played Deku a. helped look at the black whip. Shortly afterwards, it's Jiro's turn, who remembers how Midoriya helped her at the school festival.

Then to convince the heir of All Might we find Ojiro, Sato and Yaoyorozu. No words, however, seem to work, not even those that Kaminari said tenderly. "One for all is very important, but yours has something even more important. You and I don't have much in common, but we're still friends. "

At the end of Chapter 320 of My Hero Academia, Tokoyami, Shoji, and Asui attack and talk to Deku. But again Miidoriya escapes her thoughts. In My Hero Academia 321, it's Iida, Shoto, Uraraka, and Bakugo, who People closest to him.

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