On the occasion of the celebrations for the twenty-fourth anniversary of the ONE PIECE, Legendary Collectibles takes us back to the origins of the mythical epic by Monkey D. Luffy. Do you remember the exact moment he received his iconic straw hat? Here is the gift from Shanks the Red in a spectacular collector’s statue.

For those who can’t remember it after so many years, Luffy has one very special bond with his straw hat and is, at least in sentimental terms, probably the most precious object in his possession.

The hat’s original owner was Gol D. Roger, the pirate king who started it all, who then gave it to Shanks as a gift. He in turn lent it to little Luffy, who wanted to join the Reds crew in every way, and asked him to take care of it and give it back to him when he became a great pirate. The straw hat is therefore the material symbol of Rubber’s greatest dream: to become king of the pirates.

this iconic moment, which took place in the very first chapter of 1997, was remembered by the character from Legendary Collectibles. The magnificent collector’s item, 40 centimeters high and available for pre-order for 495 euros, makes Shanks cry his straw hat on the head of little Luffy.

What do you think of this exciting collector’s statue? Here is the anniversary of this mythical ONE PIECE event. The manga by Eiichiro Oda blew out 24 candles, happy birthday to ONE PIECE.

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