They fall into the exclusive club of manga series that boast 100 published volumes for over 1000 total chapters ONE PIECE and Detective Conanwhose two authors became the protagonists of a beautiful conversation / interview with two where they talked about them and their stories, from the beginning to the final destination.

The first part of Eiichiro Oda x Gosho Aoyama OVER 100 Miracle Talk took place on the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump. In this introduction to the "Conversation of Miracles" the two legendary mangakas spokebeginning of their respective careers.

Oda revealed that ONE PIECE serialization began in 1997, after the end of two popular works like Dragon Ball and SLAM DUNKand hence it came as a shock to readers to see a new manga series pointing to the throne of these two cornerstones of manga.

As for Aoyama, he said a unfortunate episode of its beginnings. With the release of his first chapter, Detective Conan had to be the focus of the cover of the magazine in which he made his debut, but due to a good goal by the Japan national team during the World Cup preliminary round, the cover was moved to the second chapter.

Great certificates of mutual appreciation, between the two sensei. Oda revealed that he loves Aoyama's style and storytelling and always stuck to his success, while Aoyama revealed that he just couldn't draw like his colleague.

Of their protagonists, the two authors consider Conan to be the center of everything, and that Luffy is the easiest character to draw. The second part of the interview was instead published in the pages of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday.

That The turning point of Detective ConanAccording to Aoyama himself, it happens in Volume 95 Chapter 1009 when Akai and Amuro point their guns at each other. For Oda, however, it happened more recently, with Luffy's Gear 5th, a concept seemingly born out of Tom & Jerry's passion.

When Aoyama asks the colleague if he already has it drawn the end, Oda replies that his thoughts are all written down in a notebook that holds the deepest secrets of ONE PIECE. Aoyama also has such a booklet.

On the topic of finals: Eiichiro Oda revealed that he wants to finish ONE PIECE within three years. This is his personal goalbut the milestone is more realistically achievable in five years.

Mangakas already have gods plans for the future. When ONE PIECE and Detective Conan are done, Oda wants to travel the world while Aoyama wants to move. Finally, Gosho Aoyama jokingly said he didn't want to close his work until the end of ONE PIECE.

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