A press release announced the production of an anime adaptation of the manga, which was written and illustrated by Yone Sawata, acro trip. The statement didn't reveal any production details but did confirm it The project will be a television anime series, which will premiere in Japan in 2024.

The author shared a series of opinions on this announcement, compiled by Weird Natalie in the form of questions:

  • How did you feel when you found out about animation production? For real? It will happen? But it looks like it's really going to happen and I'm scared and happy at the same time. It's weird and exciting to imagine something I've drawn moving, talking, and making sounds. What scenes do you expect to see in the animation? I look forward to seeing everything. I especially like having the backgrounds drawn by hand. I always had to draw them myself...
acro trip

Sawata began publishing the manga in the magazine Monthly Band from the publisher shueisha in February 2017 and finished it with the publisher in November 2022 shueisha published the fourth compiled book volume in February 2022.

Acro trip summary

The comedy centers on Chizuko Date, an otaku girl living in a town in Niigata Prefecture. Chizuko is obsessed with Berry Blossom, the magical girl who protects the city. However, Chroma (the leader of the local evil organization Fossa Magna) is inept and weak, leaving little to care about the frequent fights between Berry Blossom and Chroma. Chizuko vows to uncover the magical girl's exploits, and this heartfelt desire leads this seemingly shy high school girl down a dark path full of strange people...

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