Defeated the Devil of Eternity who was in possession of a fragment of the Devil's Pistol, in Chainsaw Man 1x07, Denji experienced the thrill of a disgusting first kiss. Removes this taste of the mouth, the protagonist of the Shonen produced by Studio MAPPA must face a new threat immediately. Public security is under attack.

As we saw in the Chainsaw Man 1x08 preview, the episode begins with Himeno leads Denji to his bedroom. The senpai is ready to make amends by promising the boy sex. However, Denji is deeply in love with Makima and reluctantly refuses. The next day, the two promise to help each other with their respective romances.

Meanwhile, Makima leaves Tokyo and travels to Kyoto by train. However, a few moments after take-off is shot by some passengers. At the same time, Kobeni and Arai are stormed by men armed with pistols.

While having lunch together, Denji, Power, Aki and Himeno are surprised by a mysterious man, the nephew of a yakuza boss whom Denji knows very well. Claim Denji's heart for the Devil Gunalso equipped with a gun, fires one bullet directly at the protagonist's head and one that hits Himeno in the chest.

Aki is the first to react by calling Kon back. However, the devil fox that had just swallowed the mysterious man is killed. The enemy reveals his true identity, that of katana man. Like the Chainsaw Man, Katana Man has two swords sticking out of his arms and one sticking out of his head.

Aki tries to hold his own against him in a white weapon fight and after wounding the antagonist three times, he invokes the Devil of Curse. Once again, Katana Man survives, this time with the help of a mysterious girl. Katana Man is no longer surprised and stabs Aki, who is saved by the Sacrifice of Himeno.

Himeno surrendered completely to her phantom devil and in return asked to save Aki. However, the Phantom Devil is devoured by Katana Man's ally's snake. Himeno's sacrifice was in vain and the hour of death seems to have come for the entire Fourth Division.

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