For much of his life as a manga writer, Yoshihiro Togashi worked alone. The stories when the mangaka didn't want any help, so no assistants - that for a mangaka, they are fundamental given the huge amount of work between attaching screens, inking, backgrounds and more.

However, persistent health problems, especially in the back area, blocked the mangaka and prevented him from a normal everyday work life. For this reason, he has also been getting help from some assistants who continue to work for years Hunter X Hunter. With recent updates from his Twitter page, Yoshihiro Togashi has confirmed that they are still working on Chapters 391-400.

The next round of chapters is in the hands of the wizards, who delve into backgrounds and more, though Togashi also confirmed that he is considering hiring more helpers. Increasing his staff has allowed him to work faster on Hunter x Hunter, while also giving all members of his team more attention to detail.

Meanwhile, the mangaka continues to work, even though Yoshihiro Togashi has stated that he can only work standing up.

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