The Japanese publisher Dengeki Bunko announced this Sunday that the 25th volume for the easy novel series by Reki kawahara and illustrated by Abec, Sword art onlinewill go on sale in Japan on December 10th. This new episode corresponds to the Unital Ring saga, which is its fourth part (Unital Ring IV).

Sword art online

Reki kawahara began publishing the novels independently in 2002 and later published them through the publisher Kadokawa in April 2009 with 23 volumes. The franchise is one of Japan's most successful light novel series, considered by fans as the light novel of the decade. The ark Unital ring began with the release of volume number 21 in 2017.

Sword Art Online Synopsis

The story begins with a teenager named Kazuto Kirigaya or Kirito as many know him. Kirito enters a world of virtual reality online or also known as massively multiplayer (MMO) called Sword Art Online. Once inside, players realize that there is no way to escape this world. The only way is to finish the game. Otherwise, the person will get a game over, resulting in death in real life.

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