Via the publisher's website KodanshaThe manga series has been reported to be written and illustrated by Atsushi Ohkubo, Enen not a shouboutai ((Firepower) reached 11.5 million copies in circulation, which have accumulated in 25 compilation volumes published to date.


Ohkubo, in turn, publishes the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from the publisher Kodansha since September 2015. On May 15, the publishing house published the twenty-third compilation volume. The piece inspired a 24-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. David production, released in July 2019. Since July 3, a second season with 24 episodes has been broadcast.

Synopsis of Firepower

Terror paralyzed the residents of Tokyo after a phenomenon known as "spontaneous combustion" turned its residents into a type of flaming demon known as hellish. Even so, some people are able to deal with flames and maintain their human form, which gives them special skills, which they divide into first, second and third generation pyrokinetics.

In this chaos, our protagonist Shinra Kusakabe, a third generation pyrokineticist, joins the eighth company of the Fire Force Special Unit, which is trying to discover the truth behind the phenomenon of human combustion.

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