After being in a coma for several episodes, Kirito is finally back in action in the last episode of Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld , shows up stronger than ever, and also uses a famous technique seen in the past.

Episode 20 of War of Underworld was intense, not just for an intense battle in which Kirito displayed several traits that characterized all previous digital versions of himself, but also for the use of important techniques like that Starbust Stream, first seen during the Aincrad story arc.

Find yourself against Gabriel in his angelic demonic form, Kirito focuses his whole mind in two swordsand later unleash the most powerful Starbust stream ever to appear on the series. Below is the sequence of the technique created with spectacular animation and shared by @megalomaniac_v.

Although the outcome of the battle between Kirito and Gabriel brings us closer to the end of the Underworld War, many questions likely remain to be clarified The next few episodes will show us the aftermath of the war, perhaps with a more introspective look at the characters of Kirito, Asuna, and Alice.

Recall that episode 20 was marked by an exciting return and that a special cafe dedicated to the series opened in Akihabara.

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