While fans of Mark Millar enjoy Jupiter's legacy on Netflix, another project from the prolific author will soon appear on the streaming platform: theSupercrooks anime. Let's see what the latest news about it is.

Though there aren't many details yet, if not the name of the creators of the series or Studio bones (practically a guarantee after My Hero Academia), we at least knew that the animated version of Supercrooks would appear on Netflix in 2021.

However, we do not know a more precise date yet and we are still waiting for new updates. But according to Millar's latest Twitter posts It seems that some news is in preparation in this regard...

""I will read the first volume of again Super crooks today. Why? Stay tuned..."write the author in a first tweet and add it at a later date"PS. The Supercrooks anime from Studio Bones in Japan is coming soon. The premiere will be at the Annecy Animation Festival next month".

It therefore seems imminent (the festival will take place June 15-18), if not a full trailer, at least a video or a first teaser from Supercrooks, which should also give us a debut date for the show on Netflix.

The short Synopsis from Netflix for Super Crooks reads: "In this animated adaptation, little thief Johnny Bolt puts together the perfect team for the ultimate heist. Created by comic book legend Mark Millar".

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