The summer session will be very exciting for all readers Dc comics. The Infinite Frontier event series will premiere in June, while August will be the turn of the free titles for Free Comic Book Day 2021. Nevertheless, the US house surprises fans with further announcements.

A few days ago the one-off comic Stargirl Spring Break Special was released in the US, but it seems that the work of Geoff Johns and Todd Nauck isn't a single band. Indeed, despite the fact that there aren't any at the moment no official confirmationThe last page of the tape suggests that Courtney Whitmore's adventure will continue in the near future.

In Stargirl Spring Break Special, Green Arrow reunites with the heroes of the Golden Age for Face the king of clocks. The team is also assisted by Courtney, who arrives on the battlefield when the battle takes a surprising turn.

""The seven soldiers of victory are forced to reunite to discover the eighth secret soldier. But what other secrets are buried and what does it all mean for Stargirl's future?"To indicate the arrival of a new comic series from Stargirl is the last page of the registerreading the phrase "Continued in Stargirl # 1".

By doing next weeksTherefore, DC Comics will most likely officially launch this new series, followed by legendary writer Geoff Johns and illustrator Todd Nauck.

In the meantime, here are the DC titles for Free Comic Book Day 2021. Booster Gold joins Blue Beetle in the new series announced by DC.

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