Kohei Horikoshi followed in what Masashi Kishimoto did with Sasuke in Naruto and shuffled the cards on the table off My hero academia Put Bakugo on the side of the bad guys. Objectively, however, this could never happen, that's why.

None of the many protagonists of My Hero Academia stands out potential antagonist more than Katsuki Bakugo. Bakugo was born to embody the archetype of every Shonen's perfect rival. He's a violent, stubborn, and explosive guy, sometimes even more so than the bad guys themselves. But in reality, he could never go on the bad side, that's why.

Bakugo already touched them in the third season of the animation Forehead change. The boy kidnapped by the Union of Villains went up against Shigaraki and his men by refusing to ally with them. The reason for this resistance is only one: All Might.

Although in the opposite way, just like Midoriya, Bakugo is total dedicated to the symbol of peace. In the future he wants to be a hero, just like his professor was, a hero who is able to save anyone in need. His love for All Might is just too strong to be corrupted.

Bakugo took his too Role as a rival very seriously. It presents Deku with new challenges and obstacles to overcome and he yells at him, scolds him and doesn't care about the words used.

Despite the interesting implications, his transition between the villains would be pretty obvious and would follow a path that numerous other Shonen have already chosen. My Hero Academia already has some absolutely noteworthy antagonists and there would be no need to turn the explosive hero into a villain. Hence, it would be much more interesting to see that Bakugo is able to conquer the One for All and keep up with its eternal rival Izuku.

Meanwhile, Bakugo is at the center of a controversy over My Hero Academia. Let's find out why Deku is calling Bakugo Kacchan. Here is an explanation for My Hero Academia fans. Bakugo doesn't look the same anymore in My Hero Academia Season 5.

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