The story arc set in the land of Wa not only represents one of the longest running sagas in the entire series ONE PIECE but also a great choral adventure that introduced numerous and new characters and made many return to the scene. Among them is Marco, former First Division Commander and Doctor of the Whitebeard Crew.

One of the most anticipated and desired clashes among readers of Eiichiro Oda's works, at least in the last year, has been this between Marco and KΓΆnig, one of the superstars of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, who can transform into a gigantic Pteranodon thanks to the devil fruit Dino Dino he has picked up. In chapter 1006 after starting the War that continues to ignite the streets and skies of OnigashimaMarco entered the scene directly across from King and Queen, two of the best men on Kaido's crew.

Although the clash in question got the former Whitebeard Pirates doctor in trouble, Marco has proven to be incredibly skillful, and to celebrate it the artist @awfulowafalo created the great painting you can see below. Depiction of a battle between Marco and King, each transforming into the majestic blue phoenix and the menacing Pteranodonwhere you can tell the jacket worn by the superstar. What do you think of this incredible tribute? Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that Vivre Card revealed a sad reality about the character of Yasuie and we leave you on the release date and predictions of chapter 1013 of ONE PIECE.

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