The non-canon adventure of Super Dragonball Heroes has already fulfilled some of the dearest dreams of Dragon Ball fans. In fact, the commercial series that adapts the arcade video game of the same name has already given birth to an even more powerful form of Super Saiyan 4, as well as the birth of sensational fighters.

In the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Gogeta and Broly collided. One in Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker form and the other in Super Saiyan 4, the two fighters put on an unforgettable show between the two strongest characters in the universe. However, this could change soon.

Entry into the scene of Emigrate in the seventh part of the Ultra God mission led to a tragic turn of events. The space-time tournament of Aios was interrupted and its participants were surprised by the appearance of demons and formidable opponents from the past. For example, while Goku faces the Dark God, Jiren fights Oozaru Baby Vegeta.

The Preview of the next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes They drop a bomb. Soon the strongest fighter of all time will be born in Ultra God Mission. The next episode of the non-canonical anime will actually be titled "A fusion that transcends space-time! The fist of justice destroying evil!". If you read between the lines of this title, it becomes clear Jiren will use Fusion, but with whom? The main suspect is obviously Goku, the one who earned his respects during the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power.

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