In this year's 11th issue of the magazine Comic Yuri Hime from the publisher Ichijinsha It turned out that the manga was written and illustrated by tMnR, Tatoe Todokanu Ito da Toshitemo, will culminate in the plot from the next chapter on October 17th.

tMnR started publishing the manga in the Comic Yuri Hime magazine published by Ichijinsha in November 2016. The publisher released the fifth compiled volume in August 2019 and the sixth on March 18.

Synopsis of Tatoe Todokanu Ito da Toshitemo

Uta Naruse's first love was beyond her reach before she became aware of her feelings. Kaoru, her childhood friend and an object of affection, married Uta's brother Reiichi. Due to some difficulties with her parents, Uta now lives with the happy newlyweds. After a year of sharing a roof with her crush, Uta finds it increasingly difficult to let go of her emotions.

Her only consolation comes when she tells her best friend and confidante Kuroe about her problems. Uta struggles with what she imagines to be eternally unrequited love and finds no peace. However, recent events suggest that there are problems in Kaoru and Reiichi's marriage, so they are not as happy as they appeared.

Source: ANN

Β© tMnR (θ‘—) / ICHIJINSHA δΈ€ θΏ… η€Ύ


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