The mini-arc in the Land of the Sun has come to an end with the Black Clover 353 celebrations. Yuki Tabata's manga series jumps forward three days immediately, making readers confront it The Last Day by Lucius Zogratis.

Three days after the big party organized in honor of the victory in the Land of the Sun in Black Clover chapter 354 Kingdom of Clover is living its darkest day. The population was evacuated towards the noble district and the perimeter fortified. The kingdoms of Hearts and Swords have been put on alert and the Magic Knights of Clover have taken sides. All is ready to face the coming of Lucius and his paladins.

just before the battle Charlotte Roselei uses the last moments of calm to chat with Yami Sukehiro. The Black Bull and Blue Rose captains will deepen their relationship after the fight is over.

The long-awaited moment finally comes. Lucius Zogratis appears behind Captain Jack the Ripper, accompanied by a mysterious man who initially appears to be Night Faust. He's actually his brother Morningwho mortally wounds the captain of the Green Praying Mantis with his light magic.

Not only Yami is stunned, but also the magicians of the silver eagle. Nozel, Nebula and Solid Silva have to clash with their deceased mother Acier Silva. The third paladin in the service of the last Zogratis is standing Morris Libardirt. The skies of Clover have been darkened by the rise of the dark angel Lucius, who intends to bring peace to the wizarding world.

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