The latest installment of Super Dragon Ball Heroes featured the return of Goku Black, waiting to find out how the much-anticipated clash between the antagonist and Vegeta will end. New story details seem to have emerged straight from the arcade game. In fact, a trailer was shared a few hours ago that anticipates you new transformation from Black Goku.

In episode 36 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, we witnessed the clash between Vegeta, Turles and Cumber. During the battle of the Saiyan prince, Despite everything, Goku and Hearts faced the masked Saiyan, this is none other than Goku Black. The two lose the fight and in the next episode it will be up to Vegeta to resist until Goku regains his strength to use the Ultra Instinct.

Apparently, however, the confrontation could be more complex than it seems, or at least it anticipates the new trailer for the arcade game that can be seen below. The video actually shows the new transformation of the villain, or the Super Saiyan 2 Rosé, that seems to be unlocked by Goku Black by drawing on the protagonist's energy. The explanation is a bit fuzzy, but considering that the first sentence Schwarz utters is, "As soon as I defeat you, my body will be complete," we can assume that the turning on is somehow related to the merging of the power of the Protagonists and the energy is related to the gods of Zamasu.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is nothing new to absurd transformations, but one of the reasons the series is so popular is precisely related to the total lack of boundaries and the spectacular nature of the battles. I am waiting to find out if we will see the second tier Super Saiyan Rosé or not. We remind you that the anime will keep us company for a long time to comeHow Toei confirmed that Super Dragon Ball Heroes will get a new storyline in 2022.

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