The animated series by Boruto: Naruto the next generations She is currently fully focused on the character of Kawaki, the Kara organization and the mysterious Karma Seal. In the meantime, however, the young Konoha ninja do not sit idle. Do these two sketches expect Sarada's future?

In episode 196 of Boruto, in which he talks to Mitsuki after attending Boruto's training, Sarada explains that she absolutely does not want to lag behind her teammate 7. At home, where Sasuke and Sasuke were waiting for them. Sakura, the boy Uchiha asks her father for itteach them Chidori, the thousand hawks Kakashi Sasuke taught to face Gaara.

By doing Sketch officers Made by an animator and the director of the Boruto anime, Sarada seems to have already mastered that iconic Justu. As you can see from the pictures at the end of the article, anyone who wants to become a Hokage at any cost uses the chidori.

But in the second official sketch, the color sketch, fans noticed a remarkable feature: Sarada's Sharingan three tomoe. By developing her innate eye skills, Sarada can further improve her reflexes by analyzing, anticipating, and noticing the movements of her opponents. Most importantly, the three tomoe indicate the person in whom the hypnotic sharing is manifested.

If these works of art turn out to be true, Sarada might very well Balance karma from Boruto. The Battle of Kawaki begins in episode 198 of Boruto. Sarada trains with the Shurikens in this Boruto cosplay.

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