I am waiting for the Dragon Ball Super anime to come back one day Super Dragon Ball Heroes continued the franchise. Despite being a non-canon work, the new anime advertising saga gives tremendous satisfaction to viewers who experience exciting battles and transformations.

In the space-time war arc, Goku and Vegeta were in theParallel universe of Fuwhich, for some strange reason, makes her wrestle with some of the franchise's strongest and most iconic antagonists. After seeing the duo of Freeza and Cooler and the return of Hearts and Broly, two more enemies have appeared in the new episode of the anime, which is inspired by the video game of the same name, but in a new guise.

As can be seen from their biographies, Turles and Cumber both got one terrifying transformation, the legendary evil Saiyan. If you thought Broly was the only legendary Super Saiyan, you are very wrong. now there are three.

Depending on what has been found, this new form is achieved when an evil Saiyan further increases his fighting power. Turles, for example, achieved this transformation by continuing to feed on the fruits of the tree of life. Has been Legendary Evil SaiyanTurles even managed to poke fun at Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue.

But the two evil Saiyans aren't the only ones who have increased their power. Your master negative auraVegeta also received a new transformation in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode. Soon, Super Saiyan RosΓ© 2 will arrive in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. What do you think of the space-time arc? Do you enjoy the innovations introduced?

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