After the violent struggle in the war arc, society of heroes has changed forever: many heroes have given up their profession, the population no longer believes in them and has started to organize themselves into groups of vigilances. The villain's plan to wipe out the company from My hero academia continues at full speed.

During the fight with Izuku Midoriya All For One, he hid part of himself in the power granted to Shigaraki and returned to the scene to take control of his student's body. That was how he succeeded save his real bodywho was imprisoned in Tartarus after the last fight with All Might.

This comes up in Chapter 311 of My Hero Academia All For One's top priority: Take full possession of Shigaraki's body so that you can finally steal the one for all. But why does he need Shigaraki so badly?

Endeavor Hawks and Best Jeanist analyze the situation and assume that the chaos created by the villains is only one thing Cover to manage to steal the One For All in complete freedom. All For One will soon go on the offensive, but Shigaraki must take possession of it first.

The three Pro Heroes speculate that All For One needs a new body as his body has been almost completely disintegrated by All Might. If this turns out to be true, the previous battle between Shigaraki and Deku would be just a minor one Appetizer of what is to come. In full possession of a body full of power, All For One could seriously end the society of heroes and One For All.

Here's what could happen in Chapter 312 of My Hero Academia coming out next week.

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