Although the Black Clover animated series has been over for some time, the community is still paying tribute to the adventure of Asta and the wizards of the Black Bull. While they wait for the story to continue, a fan has been retracing a violent fight that breathes life into a spectacular animated video.

After 170 episodes, the Black Clover anime has come to one stop for a short time. The animated adaptation had gotten too close to the manga by Yuki Tabata, whose weekly serialization continues despite a brief pause for chapter 293 on Weekly Shonen Jump.

While waiting for Tabata to continue with her work and for the anime to finally resume, a fan paid tribute to the final episode of Black Clover, in which Asta faced the demon in his spellbook to overcome the mysterious. Devil binding ritual. Under the guidance of Vice Captain Night, this process will further strengthen Asta, who is determined to take revenge on the Dark Triad.

As you can see from the video by user Reddit Sanguinii that you can find at the end of the article, that is Fight between Asta and love It was a real test of strength for the wizard of the Black Bull. Under full control of the three legendary anti-magic swords, the devil severed one arm of the protagonist, who, as always, did not give up in the course of the fight.

What do you think of the artist's work? Before the anime's return, Black Clover's animated film was officially revealed, but nothing is known about it at this time.

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