Titled "Return", the fourth installment of Tokyo Revengers It's a continuous twist, an episode that hits the protagonist Hanagaki Takemichi right in the stomach, but at the same time continues to motivate him to continue his mission.

Back in middle school, Takemichi is at home with his friend Hinata Tachibana, who offered to tutor him for an upcoming exam. During the study session, however, the two are interrupted by fireworks. To make the most of this magical moment, the couple moves to the terrace of the building, but when Takemichi tries Shake hands from his girlfriend accidentally takes that of his brother Naoto.

Suddenly, twelve years later, the protagonist returns to the present. As previously assumed by the adult Naoto of the present, it is the physical contact between the two that triggers this Time travel. Before Takemichi goes back to the past, however, he intends to meet his friend Mikey, that is, Manjiro Sato, one of the two leaders of the Tokyo Manji Gang, to ask him what changed the gang of thugs in such a radical way.

However, it is impossible to meet Mikey, not even the police would know how to track him down. At this point, Naoto Takemichi explains that his old friend Akkun is now one of Toman's superiors. Apparently the protagonist's journey into the past took place changed Akkun's lifewho stabbed Kiyomasa and ended up in jail in the "normal" timeline.

After Takemichi finds Akkun's cell phone number, he makes an appointment with his friend. But what he hits is just the shadow of old Akkun: Toman's boss now has thin cheeks, a completely different haircut, fully tattooed arms and sunken eyes. However, his smile is still what Takemichi remembers.

Climbed onto the roof of the hostess bar run by Akkun, the two boys they indulge in memories and in a split second it's like they're both back in middle school. But at some point Akkun suddenly goes dark and the conversation takes a dark turn.

Akkun reveals to Takemichi that he was the one Slide it onto the rails from the railway line and that in a way he understood that thanks to Naoto he is able to travel in time. With the fear and pain clearly visible on his face, Akkun claims he hasn't seen Mikey in years. He tells of Kisaki Tetta, of whom everyone is afraid. Apparently Mikey has changed radically since Draken's death. his disappearance released Tetta.

Despite luxurious appearances, Akkun lived in fear of the toman and an inability to escape the world of crime. Following Tetta's orders with bowed head was the only way out. Suddenly, aware of his friend's ability to time travel, Akkun looks Takemichi straight in the eyes and ask him to save his life, his and all her friends. After Akkun says these words, he throws himself off the roof of the building.

In a single moment, a series of blows to the stomach hit the protagonist violently. She tearfully claims she wants to go back to try to indirectly save Hinata, Draken, Akkun, and Mikey's lives as well as his own. The only one responsible Of these tragic events, apparently, Kisaki Tetta is. Will Takemichi's inner strength stop him?

When we go backwards, we discover the real purpose of Tokyo Manji Gang by Tokyo Revengers. Is the anime pushing work? Here is the absurd growth of Tokyo Revengers, in Japan the manga sells volume every 2.4 seconds. But it's not all easy to sail. The censorship hit Tokyo Revengers, Toman's Manji resembles the swastika.

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