We are now more and more used to acronyms between the opening and the ending that are only used for 13 episodes regardless of their popularity. Dragon Ball Anime, on the other hand, used very few melodies for most of its broadcast. From Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super that go through Kai are actually there only eight used openings.

Of these eight songs, which one is that most beautiful opening of the anime of Dragon Ball? Let's start with the last one that comes from Dragon Ball Kai. In the 2000s, practically a decade after Dragon Ball GT ended, new acronyms were suggested for this anime, and the second in use was Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go. The second opening of Dragon Ball Kai thus reached eighth and last place in this ranking.

Is always Dragon Ball Kai takes the penultimate position of the court, with the first opening Dragon Soul, also sung by Takayoshi Tanimoto. The opening is not bad, but in contrast to the following, it does not stand out in this ranking list. In sixth place is the first opening of Dragon Ball Super, Chōzetsu β˜† Dynamic, sung by Kazuya Yoshii. An acronym with all due respect that, thanks in particular to the video, seeks to act as a link between the brand's past and future.

To the Fifth place is the second opening of Dragon Ball Z., We Gotta Power, a song that Gohan, Goten and Trunks or the new generation of anime wanted to focus on. A song that manages to be catchy enough to be remembered by fans. With the second opening of Dragon Ball Super we reach fourth place, which also earned the singers an award. Limit Break x Survivor was an adrenaline pumping topic and able to adequately accommodate the spectators in the face of the clashes of the Tournament of Power. The leading trio will inevitably be cast by the brand's three most historic acronyms.

in the The third position is Cha La Head Cha La, the historic first opening of Dragon Ball Z that was accompanied by three different videos over time, depending on the reference saga. Silver medal instead for Makafushigi Adventure, the only theme from the original Dragon Ball anime. A goku discovering the world on board the Kinton is accompanied by a joyful and iconic song.

The first position could only lead to a real declaration of love for the brand: Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku. The Field of View song used for the opening of Dragon Ball GT is one of the most nostalgic and popular, and it still manages to stir a lot of emotions today. Unfortunately, the rest of Dragon Ball GT wasn't as successful as the opening.

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