Super Dragon Ball Heroes: announced the release date of the new episode

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Goku and Vegeta are currently focused on Vegito's return and have teamed up again to stop Fu, the creator demon of the prison planet. It looks like fans won't have to wait long for the fight to begin.

In the previous episode of Super Dragon Ball HeroesWe focused more on developing Vegito. Vegeta wore the Potara earrings and merged with Goku. The ongoing series introduced us to the fourth stage of Super Saiyan and a resurrected Janemba for both protagonists, both the main universe and the xeno-verse. Fu, the demonic scientist who has been part of the saga since the first installment, is clearly one of the series' main enemies, and it will be interesting to see how strong he gets with the help of the sagaTree of the universe.

Twitter user DBS Chronicles shared a post containing the recap of episode 8 of the second season of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, in which we will see the battle between Vegito and the new form of Fu. The new episode will be released on October 29th.

Fu will certainly have a hard time with the Xeno versions of Goku, Vegeta is suitcase. He will have to organize many evil plans to defeat our heroes! In previous episodes we saw C17 return to the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series and we will continue to pursue the series as Fu’s evil plan threatens to endanger the entire universe.

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