The new story arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes brings some of the franchise's most recognizable antagonists back to the battlefield. However, alongside the evergreen and ubiquitous Freeza, another Dragon Ball Z villain is about to return. Let's find out who it is.

In the parallel universe created by Fu, Goku and Vegeta face fearsome opponents they have previously encountered, such as Freeza and Coola, both in their golden form. But among the various antagonists who have been brought to this mysterious place, there is also a powerful fighter who has not been seen since time immemorial. to be perfect Cell.

As expected from some images to promote the main actors that you can see at the end of the article, Cell will also return to the scene in this new saga of the non-canonical advertising anime. Return from the underworld and which side will it take?

According to a brief bio, Cell and Hearts were brought back to life by a demon still unknown, a hint that could make us think of Demigra or Towa. At the moment it is not clear whether Cell will follow the path that Hearts, now an ally of Goku, will follow or if he will seek revenge. Would you like to see his alliance with Kakarot?

Meanwhile, the masked Saiyan of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes has finally shown his face. Vegeta may have been given a new form in the last Super Dragon Ball Heroes fight.

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