In addition to the six most important characters of the 1-A, anime and manga of My Hero Academia have also partially studied the rest of the cast, in particular some students from the same class of Midoriya. Despite the inconspicuous quirk, Eijiro Kirishima he has often carved out a leading role in these adventures.

After a fighting festival and other villain action, the young hero became shining with the attack on the Overhaul base. Together with Fat Gum, he was the absolute protagonist of one of these battles presented in the season 4 of My Hero Academia. Imitating Crimson Riot, Kirishima once cornered has finally laid the groundwork for the birth of Red Riot.

From that moment on, the web has unleashed fans who have dedicated many fan art to Kirishima, but also several cosplay. In addition to the male ones, there were also female ones and one of these we present today, with the creation of Ineedsugar31, also known as Rebecca. So don't miss the Kirishima woman cosplay that you can look down on.

The hero costume of the young man of My Hero Academia has been reproduced rather faithfully as well as for the obvious coverage of the breast, which the male version has instead discovered. Who knows if Kirishima will be back in action soon together with the other heroes in My Hero Academia 5.

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