The world of animation is so important to someone like Hayao Miyazaki that it is difficult even for his son to explain it. But with the return of the master behind the camera too Studio Ghibi After a long hiatus, he was working at full capacity again.

Despite being 80 years old Hayao Miyazaki He continues to love his job as the first time until he returns thoughtfully more than once. The director is currently working on How Do You Live ?, a film that he would like to leave his nephew and which asks him to produce for several years. For some time now, Studio Ghibli has been working again Earwig and the witch by Goro Miyazaki, who recently gave himself an interview for Slash movie in which he revealed the real reason his father had to go back behind the desk.

""After finishing "Ronja the Brigand's Daughter", a television series with an outside studio, I went back to Studio Ghibli, but there wasn't any. It looked almost like a warehouse, but it was empty. Right there I was like, "Okay, so I'm not going to make films anymore." When I saw Toshio Suzuki, our producer, he seemed so happy that he added, "Now I can finally retire!"
However, Hayao Miyazaki couldn't stay that far from work for long. Basically he had to create something for a living. So he started making a short film for the museum again and later started working on his new feature film. And that was around the time I started working on Earwig. Here and so everyone is back.

Hayao Miyazaki's wife, who is my mother, used to tell him, "I wish you were retired, take it easy and enjoy the rest of your life." But recently he accepted the fact that he can't stop creating, so he knows, and now the situation around the house is, "Okay, if you'd rather create until the end of your life then go going to the studio every day".

As for you, what do you think instead of Goro's words about his father's need not to be able to stop working? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

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