In the manga My hero academia The terrible war between Heroes and the Union of Villains ended and in the last chapter we had the opportunity to deepen the character of Keigo Takami, who awakened the mood of many through a speech.

THE numerous collisions During the previous narrative arc, it was a heavy blow to the defenders of justice who, despite the defeat and retreat of their opponents, have suffered numerous losses. However, while the villain plan continues, the protagonists cannot lose heart and intervene in this regard Hawks with a wonderful speech.

On the last few pages of the manga, the winged boy was immersed considerably. Thanks to a review from My Hero Academia, we discovered important details about his family, in particular he learned that criminal nature of the father and the absence of the mother from the childhood of the hero. Keigo was raised to be the best hero after his parents were captured by the police and Endeavor.

Hawks is currently working with Best Jeanist while opposing him during the war Twice who finally managed to kill. In combat, we understood his opponent’s actions to protect his teammates. This is reflected in his speech in which he claims that Jin is a good guy, but it is underlined The past stays overThis invalidates Dabi’s claims about the Todoroki family that angered My Hero Academia society.

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