Pokémon: What happened to Misty and Brock after Ash split up?

Released with eleven TV series and dozen of seasons, The Pokémon anime continues undauntedand shows the extraordinary growth path of the protagonist Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. However, an adventure would be without a companion and in this respect it would not be so. Fans will no doubt remember two historical characters from the series.

Misty Williams is Brock HarrisonKnown simply as Misty and Brock, they were the young Pallet Town trainer's first two teammates and spent hundreds of episodes in the company of Ash and the crowd. Both left the scene towards the end of the first season and during the Diamond & Pearl series and Many fans keep wondering where they went. Fortunately, the authors have answered this question several times, explaining what the future holds for both coaches.

Misty leaves the team during episode 273 titled "Farewells and Departures". The girl, after getting her bike back thanks to Sister Joy's help, returns to Celestopoli and takes on the role of sports director Due to the departure of the three sisters Margi, Silvia and Violet, she went on a trip around the world. According to the authors Misty has become an extremely efficient gym manager and she even managed to overcome her fear of gyarados with the help of Tracey, another of Ash's companions.

Brock, on the other hand, followed a slightly different path. After Misty left, the bus continued with Ash through Hoenn and Sinnoh. After promising Brother Forrest to come home, Brock Decides not to follow Ash on his trip to Unova and begins studying to become a Pokémon Doctor. He gives up his role as Pewter Gym Leader, passes the baton on to his talented younger brother, and continues to pursue his dreams.

Misty and Brock returned to the scene during Pokémon Sun & Moon where they were traveling with Ash for a few episodes. In the latest series, Pokémon Explorations, they cameo in episode 18 and greeted Ash during his visit to Orange City.

What do you think about it? Who were your favorite travel companions? Let us know with a comment! In the meantime, we remind you that Ash is currently on the road with Go and that the two will soon have to deal with the Legendaries of Galar.

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