Dragon Ball Z: How Vegeta’s Character Influence Modern Shonen

The first saga of Dragon Ball Z The introduction of one of the most important characters in the entire universe, created by Akira Toriyama, and the master's narrative choices regarding the Saiyajin Prince, influenced many of the younger mangaka, prompting them to insert an opposing character, but with the the protagonist of the connected series.

The arrival of Vegeta in the story of Goku was certainly not a positive as he was one of the Saiyajins who were ready to invade planet Earth to fight Kakarotto. Over the years and subsequent series Vegeta has changed profoundlyHe married Bulma, became a much more attentive and present family man than Goku, and stepped away from his Saiyan nature, becoming a complex character with many facets, although these are not deepened in the series.

It was precisely this that created a kind of archetype that was then taken up by numerous and famous authors. The boss among them is Masashi Kishimoto, who has given cover in Naruto such a role for the silent and vengeful Sasukeand immediately showed their friendship and rivalry. Unlike Vegeta, however, Sasuke will only confirm himself as the enemy as the narrative evolves, and this change will cover numerous chapters / episodes before getting close to the protagonist again.

A second example can be found in Character from Hiei, in the Yu Yu Hakusho series directed by Yoshihiro Togashi. Introduced as a criminal demon, with skills the protagonist Yusuke has never seen before, Hiei will gradually change his way of life, move away from the criminal life and take care of his closest friends and Yukina, his twin sister. The initial rivalry that characterizes his relationship with Yusuke will turn into friendship thanks to mutual trust.

We'll talk about it then Bakugo, Character from the recent My Hero Academia, signed by Kohei Horikoshi. Although Bakugo only showed a certain degree of maturity in the last few chapters of the series, this character is often misunderstood as he is just a war machine, ready to corrode anything thanks to his explosive nature. In reality, Bakugo is deeply motivated to establish itself in the world of heroesand this thanks in part to the bond with Midoriya, which inevitably helped him become a better person and pushed Deku himself to be more determined.

Finally we find the character of Killua from the Hunter x Hunter universe, another work by Yoshihiro Togashi. Killua belonged to the Zoldyck family, famous mercenaries, and certainly did not have a normal childhood. He had to undergo special training that made him an impressive murderer who could kill his opponents in cold blood and with very special techniques. The desire to escape his family's lifestyle will lead him to Gon Freecss, with whom he will develop a deep friendshipwhile maintaining a certain rivalry that helps two perfect themselves as hunters.

Recall that a recent fanart brought Goku and Gohan to the Japanese feudal era, and we'll leave you to the previews in Chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super.

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