In chapter 272 of My Hero Academia published a few days ago, Izuku Midoriya managed to further increase his strength, improving control of One for All. The new power of the protagonist is still not enough to defeat his nemesis but will allow him, fortunately , to unlock other skills.

So what can we definitely expect from transition to One for All at 45%? First of all new Smash, the definitive physical shots so loved by All Might. Deku began to imitate his paladin by copying his Detroit Smash when its power was 5%, to then move on to using the Delaware Smash once he reached 20. Once his strength increased, however, the protagonist preferred to go another way, inventing the Full Cowl technique and other completely original final shots: Manchester and St. Louis Smash. The achievement of the One for All at 45% will certainly bring other interesting news on this front.

Among other powers then, Deku will undoubtedly unlock the ability to levitate in the air, copying the Quirk of Nana Shimura. The instant Deku got Quirk Blackwhip in fact, it was revealed that the owner of One for All could unlock all the powers of previous users. Shimura's power is flexible, balanced and perfectly contrasts Tomura Shigaraki's exceptional ability.

Among others, the extent of the ability of physical metamorphosis of All Might. If it were one of Quirk's latent powers, Midoriya could use it to make its physical attacks more effective. In addition to the six hidden powers of One for All then, Midoriya should be able to count on the ability to transfer its power, as shown in the film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.

And what do you think of it? Should Deku improve his Quirks or try to unlock new ones? Let us know yours by leaving a comment in the box below!

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