The Star Wars: Visions trailer allowed us to see a quick preview of the anthological anime that is dedicated war of starsLet's find out what the titles and plot of the episodes of the expected show are.

During a meeting with the press, the directors of the episodes of Star Wars: Visions shared the themes and setting of the episodes they were working on and fueled fan expectations for this new product, the work of. is dedicated George Lucas. The debut episode is entitled "The oldest"and is set in the period before the first Star Wars film, The Phantom Menace. In particular, it will allow us to follow the evolution of the relationship between a Jedi Master and his Padawans before the events of Star Wars begin.

The second episode will be "The Twins“, In the words of director Hiroyuki Imaishi, will tell the story of two twins who are trained by following them Sith teachings, after the Imperial defeat in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Likewise "The ninth Jedi"will play after the ninth Star Wars film, while the protagonist will be an unreleased character.

"Lop and Ocho"is directed by Yuki Igarashi and set after the events of Revenge of the Sith. Junpei Mizusaki and Takashi Okazaki worked on"The duel", Episode we don't know much about, except that it gives us a duel in one of the one numerous planets in the galaxy.

An original wedding will be the focus of the events of "The Village bride"That Hitoshi Haga was working on while"Akakiri"by Eunyoung Choi will be a short film that will focus on the love story between a princess and a Jedi. Instead, an android will be the protagonist of"T0-B1"in an Astro Boy-inspired story while"Tatooine Rhapsody"by Taku Kimura has been described as a rock musical by the director.

The series is set to debut next September 21st, while a Star Wars: Visions-inspired book has already been announced.

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