The Red Ribbon is back. The disappearance of General Red, which occurred decades before the events of Dragon Ball Super, had reduced to rubble this gargantuan paramilitary organization, which, thanks to the efforts of Doctor Gelo, had returned only temporarily and individually. But now Magenta reset everything.

General Red's evil son has conspired with Carmine to help the army with the help of the brilliant Dr. To restore Hedo, Gelo's nephew, to her former glory. And now the implications of this alliance were making themselves felt: The first spoiler page of Dragon Ball Super 92 had confirmed this Battle between Piccolo and Gamma 2. As in the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the two also fought a first skirmish here.

The Official Dragon Ball Super 92 spoilers Once published, they add more pages and propose a very adrenaline-pumping chapter start. Piccolo, to Gamma 2's surprise, recognizes the Red Ribbon insignia from memories of Dio's memoirs. Also, the Namekkian immediately understands that he is dealing with an android, and this time Gamma 2 is not surprised and then begins the dance for a battle in this desolate territory, with the android determined to kill Piccolo after he proves it being aware of many things and giving up the main goal of testing yourself.

There are many action packed scenes with many scenes staging the sequences of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. No conclusion is drawn with these first seven pages Conflict between Gamma 2 and Piccolo. Dragon Ball Super 92 will officially be back on April 20th.

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