On November 23, 2022 there was a great festival for the Land of the Rising Sun; Tite Kubo also celebrated Japan's victory at the World Cup in Qatar. At the beginning of December, the Japanese team dropped out of the big challenge, although the motivation was very high and, curiously, there was also support ONE-PIECE FILM: RED.

Indeed, Eiichiro reveals Oda's new feature film spectacular and memorable battles, as the review for ONE PIECE FILM: RED puts it, and in a sense it was for the Japanese soccer team as well. But this parallelism is no coincidence.

That's right, from Japan Today comes the news that the team coach used ONE PIECE to inspire the players. The coach, a certain Hajime Moriyasu, strengthened the group by showing them ONE PIECE FILM: RED the night before the win against Germany. Later, given the success of the experiment, before meeting the Spanish national team, the team also watched ONE PIECE: Stampede and achieved victory in another difficult challenge. "Boa Hancock is my favorite charactersays Ritsu Doan, one of the team's soccer players. "I loved the scene where he fought Bullet - it really inspired my athletic performance today!", he added.

Except The magic of ONE PIECE had a moment of beginning and end on December 5th Croatia prevailed. On the other hand, what anime and manga do you use to motivate yourself in challenging moments?

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