Luke Skywalker's character is undergoing several changes in the current Marvel series dedicated to the universe of Star Wars , announced last February. With a story by Charles Soule, the sixth volume is scheduled for September, and has a rather particular cover designed by R.B. Silva.

The protagonist of the first, historical, trilogy created by George Lucas, has also returned to the pages of the comics, and this time wielding an extraordinary yellow lightsaber. Considering that the events narrated concern the period following what was seen in L'Impero strikes again, where Luke lost his father's lightsaber to Cloud City.

Continuing his research it seems that Luke stumbled upon something different. The official anticipation of the volume 6 due out in September recital "The galaxy needs Luke Skywalker. And a Jedi needs a weapon!"

Fans of the film saga will remember that Luke will replace Anakin's blue sword with his highly personal green lightsaber, as seen in The Return of the Jedi, the authors therefore had fun imagining another one between the two. The yellow lightsaber has a special meaning in Star Wars mythology, considering that the Jedi Time Guardscharged with defending the history of the Jedi, they had spades of exactly that color.

Whether Luke built it alone or found it in some Jedi ruin or mysterious place is yet to be determined. Recall that Star Wars The High Republic has been postponed to 2021

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