It's hard to imagine a video game that has had the same impact on audiences in recent years as Between us. As the pandemic began to quarantine people around the world, the Online multiplayer has become a point of reference for millions of people.

The game has has helped connect players at an unprecedented time, and his success has only grown since then. And now a new announcement has confirmed this Among Us will have its own manga. The news came yesterday thanks to H2 Interactive. The Twitter page shared a teaser for a major manga magazine, and it was there that fans spotted an ad on Among Us.

And after the preview went viral, Innersloth confirmed this on Twitter that a one-shot manga is on the way. "Surprise," Innersloth announced. β€œThere will be one among us One-shot manga in Bessatsu Corocoro Magazine in April 2022"Right now we don't know much about the one-shot, but fans are excited to see how Among Us ties into the manga.

At the moment there are no plans to continue the one-shot, but Corocoro has included it in his upcoming series. If reception is good, others may come later, which would surely please fans of the game. Among Us has a completely free story, so the manga has a lot of room to create exciting things. It wouldn't be a bad idea to find out more about the history of these shape-shifting aliens and why they're so keen on eliminating crew members.

Bessatsu Corocoro will be releasing the one-shot soon, but it's unknown if and when it will debut in the West. The magazine doesn't have any special regulations like Shueisha or Kodansha, however Among Us is big enough to be of interest to both international and local publishers.

We can only see how the situation will evolve, especially given the paper crisis that has also affected Panini Comics prices, and we hope that this manga will answer more questions than it raises. In conclusion, we leave you with the birth of the World Organization Against Anime and Manga Piracy.

What do you think of this special on Among Us? Are there any other games that need a manga adaptation? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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